Brooklyn, NY Personal Injury Lawyer Helps with Undetected Brain Injury

Car crashes, combat, construction accidents, and collisions during sports events can all result in traumatic brain injury or TBI. Stats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that annually, around 1.7 million Americans suffer the injury. Emergency surgery, medications, and complex procedures are usually required to revive and stabilize the patient’s condition. Despite effective treatments and long, gruesome recoveries, it is not uncommon for the brain injury sufferer to lose some basic physical and mental functions (temporarily or permanently).

In some cases, the injury may not be revealed right away, and it can become serious before suspicion arises. For instance, a serious brain disorder like chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE can develop over time after a series of concussions. CTE is a neurological impairment that occurs after recurrent head trauma. It produces symptoms comparable to dementia, such as memory loss, depression, and fits of anger.


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