Medical Malpractice Lawyers in NYC Warn Against Hospital Infections

In May of 2011, Ashanti Norals was just a simple, athletic girl who enjoyed life, when she entered the hospital for fever and an unexplainable pain in her right leg. Somehow, the doctors who attended to her did not address the obvious signs of infection she was going through and did not immediately administer antibiotics. When they finally did, it was too late, and Ashanti lost four limbs as a result of a botched sepsis diagnosis. Ashanti’s mother, Erica, filed a suit against the hospital and the five doctors involved in her care, and was able to settle for a total of $35 million damages one year after the suit was filed.

While Ashanti’s sepsis might have come from an infection resulting from a fall she recently suffered, sepsis may also be acquired while in hospital care. Medically speaking, sepsis is a condition wherein an overwhelming immune response to an infection causes inflammation in the body, leading to multiple organ failures and even death, if not treated immediately.


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