NYC Medical Malpractice: Doctors Must be Held to High Standard of Care

Melissa Rivers, daughter of comedienne and television host Joan Rivers, has filed a lawsuit for malpractice on behalf of her mother. In the lawsuit, Ms. Rivers alleges that Dr. Gwen Korovin, Joan River’s voice doctor, panicked and left the procedure room while her patient went into cardiac arrest. This allegation is based on the handwritten statement by Dr. Renuka Bankulla, the anesthesiologist for the procedure.

According to the statement, Dr. Bankulla expected Korovin to perform an emergency cricothyrotomy; to open up an airway and prevent cardiac arrest. When Dr. Bankulla looked around the room for Dr. Korovin as the patient’s condition worsened, however, the former was nowhere in sight. The lawsuit against Dr. Korovin asserts that her reason for leaving the procedure room at such a critical time was because she did not have the credentials to practice at the clinic in question, and so didn’t want to get caught.


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