Consulting a Bronx Medical Malpractice Lawyer—Delayed Diagnosis Cases

The problem with a delayed diagnosis malpractice is that it can be hard to recognize. Many patients think that since the doctor managed to eventually diagnose the disease that he or she isn’t responsible. However, if it were possible to diagnose the condition earlier, the law recognizes that it can be just as damaging as not being able to diagnose the condition.

Building a malpractice case based on a delay in diagnosis has three basic components that an experienced Bronx medical malpractice lawyer would be able to help with. First, a doctor-patient relationship must be proven to have existed between the plaintiff and the doctor in question. Second, the presence of negligence must be proven. Finally, the lawyer should be able to prove that harm was caused by the doctor’s negligence. Expert help will ensure that all three can be proven in court, which is why hiring a seasoned lawyer is your best option.


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