Knowing when to File a Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit

Cerebral palsy is an extremely debilitating disease. Sometimes caused by different forms of brain injuries sustained either before, during, or after pregnancy, cerebral palsy can affect an individual for a lifetime.

However, if a mother who experienced a healthy pregnancy notices strange symptoms in her child early on, something’s likely wrong. Her kid may have trouble moving around or eating and may even exhibit muscle spasms which are uncommon with healthy children. If the symptoms persist, the child’s condition may be due to the medical team’s neglect either knowingly or unknowingly committed during childbirth.

Situations like an umbilical cord wrapped around a baby’s neck are one of the most common mistakes committed during childbirth. If doctors took too long to remove the cord, the newborn’s brain would have been deprived of oxygen, a common denominator in cerebral palsy cases. A longer-than-normal delivery is also a culprit, as well as the baby getting stuck for a long period in the birth canal. The specific instruments a doctor uses can also cause brain trauma when they’re not handled properly.

If the child’s current condition seems to be one that would stick for a lifetime, it’s enough reason to file for a lawsuit with the help of a cerebral palsy attorney. While no amount of money can compensate the suffering of both the parents and their child, the compensation package will at least provide the child with quality care he or she rightfully deserves.


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