Leading Causes of Birth Injury

Giving birth is a very technical process that should only be performed by experienced medical professionals. However, things can still go wrong even with precaution. One study revealed that 9.5% of medical malpractice cases involving birth injury was the result of failure to diagnose a condition while 4.7% involved the wrong diagnosis.

Below are some of the birth injuries that can occur within a hospital environment

Maternal low blood pressure or interference during delivery can lead to poor supply of oxygen to the infant’s brain, which can lead to a condition known as perinatal asphyxia. If perinatal asphyxia is not addressed, it can lead to the newborn’s death.

Another equally possible birth injury is Erb’s palsy, a paralysis of the arm of the newborn because of putting too much pressure applied when pulling the shoulders.

Rarely occurring but still very much fatal is brachial plexus palsy, where the cause is similar to Erb’s palsy. A newborn is very delicate and fragile; any misuse of pressure can immediately be harmful.

Lastly, the most frequent case is meconium aspiration syndrome wherein the baby accidentally inhales a mixture of meconium and amniotic fluid in the womb.

Should you encounter any of these and other birth injuries, immediately seek help from lawyers who specialize in this field. They understand the amount of emotional distress a birth injury brings, and so they make sure you get utmost legal representation.


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